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Trading Fund


1. Delivered by a mix of systematical, automated trading strategies Only using a tiny portion of capital per trade.

2. Rigorously tested and deployed by a seasoned team

3. Virtually uncorrelated with the performance of financial markets, but slightly positively correlated with volatility.

4. With currently EUR 10 million AuM in two related funds

5. Selection of traded instruments:
-Equity Index / Capital markets

What do we offer

Stable returns with very low risk

Superior risk-return balance compared to any other asset class

With a proven track record

Delivered by our automated quantitative trading system:

  • Delivered by our automated quantitative trading system:
    • Built on over 20 years of trading data and experience
    • Prepared to handle all kind of risks and scenarios
    • With all actions preprogrammed in the system
    • No human intervention needed in trading decisions

So why invest in Brouwers capital fund

  • A dedicated team with over 35 years of experience
  • Offers investors unique exposure, uncorrelated to existing asset classes  Via a mix of continuously optimized, automated trading strategies
  • With a steady performance and extreme risk management
  • In an operational environment focused on perfection of control
  • Delivering absolute return and diversification to your portfolio

What we Do

Target Return

The fund aims to achieve an absolute return independent of developments in the financial markets. Because we have achieved a good risk-return ratio with a low drawdown in the back-tests and live results, we can scale up trades (leverage), with the aim of achieving a higher return.
Based on the test results, we expect to realize a net return for the participant in Class A of 5% on an annual basis. Class B has an expected net return of more than 10% as it will be operated with greater leverage.
With our fund, a participant can choose with which risk factor he/she wants to participate.
Class A
The risk for the participant in class A is smaller than that in Class B. This is because the transactions are smaller. The expected results are therefore also lower. The aim is to achieve an average return of 5% net on an annual basis for the investor.
Class B
Is the variant where larger transaction positions are taken to increase returns. The aim is to achieve an average net return of more than 10% on an annual basis for the investor. With such a return comes a somewhat higher risk.

Background of Brouwers

André Brouwers
Fund Manager

  • André Brouwers, a Dutch investment authority, regularly featuring in Dutch financial media
  • Worked for Reuters, Van der Moolen and was one of the first TransTrend employees
  • Educated thousands of private investors on financial markets via The Investment Institute (“Beleggingsinstituut”)
  • His trading philosophy is based on realizing steady absolute returns with highly effective risk management
  • Laid the foundation for Brouwers Capital in 2015, which is operational since 2018



    • The fund is registered in the AIFMD register with the AFM. There are certain restrictions that the fund must adhere to, including a minimum participation size. The fund is not licensed by the AFM.
    • This information is owned by Brouwers Capital. All information provided in any communication is for informational purposes only. The contents of this information is not intended to, nor do they provide any financial, investment or professional advice and nothing in this information shall be regarded as an offer or provision of financial, investment or other professional advice in any way. The use of any information made available by Brouwers Capital as source to make investment decisions, either carried out by yourself or another party not being yourself, is completely at your own risk. 
    • The value of your investments can fluctuate. Results achieved in the past are no guarantee for the future. Trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. In particular, you should obtain advice from a qualified expert before making any investment decision. The Terms and Conditions of Brouwers Capital apply. A copy of those Terms and Conditions could be requested by sending an e-mail to Acceptance of this Disclaimer or use, purchase and acquisition of the Products, as defined in the Terms and Conditions, are subjected to these Terms and Conditions of Brouwers Capital All activities and provided information are not regulated by any financial authority in any country.


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