Systematic investment plan as an alternative strategy


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Date: Oct 24th (Sunday) 9:00-11:10 CET 2021 北京时间15:00-17:10
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For 4+ years (55 months!) in a row, cash has been losing purchasing power and inflation is rising sharply in the Netherlands.

More and more wealth of companies and individuals is under pressure due to negative interest rates. Lots of people work hard and then one day they are ready. Assets are deposited with a private bank or asset manager, and they start enjoying life. That sounds very good.

But you need to be aware of the potential risks as most individual investors know little about the strategy that the bank or invest manager follows.

In the last 10 years, almost all asset classes have risen above average. Investors have become addicted to high returns that were artificially created by central bank policies. When you understand what average means, however, you should realize that lean year must also follow at some point.

There are opportunities to resolutely hedge risks and get profit responsibly from the movements in financial markets, Questions are:

Do you have the right strategy for your assets?

Has your capital made a return in recent years because your strategy is good or because the broader market has risen?

What happens to your assets when the markets go down?