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Connect Now Real Estate Bridging Fund

We offer short to medium-term bridge finance solutions to professional real estate investors (borrowers) in the Netherlands. Borrowers have time to apply for a mortgage. We secure our loans with a solid due diligence process, a first mortgage, and a personal guarantee from the borrowers.

Why Us

  • We select lenders with a proven track record Stable cash flows Favorable
  • LTV Dominant position in niche market
  • Expected return: 5% to 7% per annum
  • Risk Profile: low
  • Return: medium
Financial Market Trade Funds 

Based on recognizing trends and patterns where statistical reliability (edge) is essential. We apply a consistent policy based on decision rules and algorithms. Our trading strategy is automated. The advantage of an automated approach is the consistency and the possibility to perform a clean test. It leads to reliable and stable results over a long period of backtesting.
Class A
The risk for the participant in class A is smaller than that in Class B. It is because the transactions are smaller. The expected results are therefore also lower. The aim is to achieve an average return of 5% net on an annual basis for investors.
Class B
Is the variant where larger transaction positions are taken to increase returns. The aim is to achieve an average net return higher than 10% on an annual basis for investors. With such a return comes to a somewhat higher risk.

Real Estate Commerce Mortgage 

Mortgage lenders have different requirements to apply for investment mortgages. We will review the property you plan to purchase and have the free intake call to work for the real estate investment. Work on a no-cure no-pay basis, we have a very high success rate (86%).

Fund investment Services Process include:

  • Introduction meeting
  • Collection of first documents (passport, tax returns, application forms, etc.)
  • Application is submitted to the bank
  • Based on initial checks, the bank sends an indicative proposal
  • Collection of documents (valuation report, rent agreements etc.)
  • Assessment file by the bank and additional questions
  • After final agreement the binding offer follows
  • After signing the offer letter the instruction are sent to the notary
  • The notary passes the mortgage deed and transfers the money.
  • The process takes 4 to 6 weeks dependant on which bank will provide the loan and how much time the valuator needs for his report.

Attention! This Investment falls outside AFM supervision. No License and No prospectus required for this activity.


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