Secure Your Financial Freedom and Wealth Growth in this Uncertain Market?

Systematic investment plan as an alternative strategy

Connect Now Investment Education Webniar

9:00 CET 24th,Oct,2021, Netherlands (Online)

  • Webinar presented by investment advisor with 35 years of experience in the international financial markets
  • Understand complicated investment topics in a simple way
  • Gain insight into financial investment solutions in the Netherlands  


For 4+ years (55 months!) in a row, cash has been losing purchasing power and inflation is rising sharply in the Netherlands.

More and more wealth of companies and individuals is under pressure due to negative interest rates. Lots of people work hard and then one day they are ready. Assets are deposited with a private bank or asset manager, and they start enjoying life. That sounds very good.

But you need to be aware of the potential risks as most individual investors know little about the strategy that the bank or invest manager follows.

In the last 10 years, almost all asset classes have risen above average. Investors have become addicted to high returns that were artificially created by central bank policies. When you understand what average means however, you should realize that lean years must also follow at some point.

There are opportunities to resolutely hedge risks and get profit responsibly from the movements in financial markets, Questions are:

Do you have the right strategy for your assets?

Has your capital made a return in recent years because your strategy is good or because the broader market has risen?

What happens to your assets when the markets go down?

For Whom

  • If you are a person who is looking for structured investment knowledge
  • If you are a person who is interested in a personal wealth growth plan
  • If you have many questions about the post pandemic investment environment

Participant Requirement

  • You are comfortable with English Capable to participate in online study method
  • Have basic investment mindset
  • 1 year + of investment experience

Basic Information

Date: Oct 24th (Sunday) 9:00-11:10 CET 2021

No.of online Guests: 200 Guests

Dressing Code:Business causal( like a real investor) Location:Zoom

Course Fee 1. Guests: 48 Euro


Date and Time Topic Description
9:00-9:15 Welcome Speech
9:15-9:45 Financial Investment Climate Overview -Financial investment market overview
(roles of government, bank institutions and insurance sector)
-What is the continued impact after the financial crisis
-What are the common wealth management products
(real estate, funds, stocks, bonds)? Their pros and cons
9:45-10:00 Risks of Different Investment
10:00-10:10 Break
10:10-10:50 Do you have the Right Investment Strategy?
–Investment Philosophy
-How to develop the mindset to invest responsibility?
use available information effectively and not let emotions determine your investment choices!
10:50-11:10 How to Formulate a Sustained and Stable Investment Strategy -Importance of target setting and developing a mentality to resist inflation
-Build a long term winning plan by identifying investment opportunities and control risks by using put option strategy
11:10-11:30 Q&A
11:30-11:35 Thank you for coming and more about us



André Brouwers

A Dutch investment authority, regularly featuring in Dutch financial media.

He worked for Reuters, van der Moolen and was one of the first TransTrend employees. He is director and owner of the largest independent training institute (Beleggingsinstituut) for investors.

In particular, the institute provides private investors with education, information and coaching. André has 35 years of international experience as an investor, stock trader and hedge fund manager. He has his own alternative investment fund in which investors can participate from €100,000.

His trading philosophy is based on realizing steady absolute returns with highly effective risk management. André was recently chosen by a public jury of 15,000 investors as the best investment expert in the Netherlands.

He is a five-time winner of the largest national investors debate and is known for RTLZ and DFT.

He achieved impressive results with his investment method, even in the crisis years, which he has already taught to move than 25,000 investors.

During the presentation, he gives a number of concrete investment tips and explains the HOW and WHY of his approach.

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