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We provide diversified investment opportunities and education for European and Chinese institutional and individual investors. 

Important: Please note we will never make unsolicited contacts to you to ask you to invest, or to share your personal information. We never make guarantees of returns or promises of returns.

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Connect Day Networking Event
Partnership with CNInvest

Connect Now Webinar

Oct 1st 2021

Secure Your Financial Freedom and Wealth Growth in this Uncertain Market?

Systematic investment plan as an alternative strategy 

Connect Now Webinar

Oct 24th 2021

Gain Insight Into Financial Investment Solutions In The Netherlands

More and more wealth of companies and individuals is under pressure due to negative interest rates and fear of inflation…..

Connect Now Webinar

Oct 29th 2021 

Bridge Fund workshop

Speaker: Kylla and JLL
No.Audience: 10-15 guests
Entrance Fee: Invite Only
Language: English


05 mins 


  • Who we are 
  • Our Mission 

25 mins

Q&A Session 

  • Real Estate Market Trend 
  • Real estate market investment strategy and Risks 

10 mins

Bridge Fund 

Bridge Fund Introduction-why Fund

15  mins

Q&A and Break


5 mins

Thanks for coming 


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