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1 Year Trading Coaching Program

Directly coached by the Dutch ‘Warren Buffett’
Trading and defensive structure
All about Risk Management and stable return

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Investing is our profession. Actually, it is much more than that, it is our passion. It goes without saying that we put a lot of time and energy into our investment strategies and our positions. We do this with pleasure and care. That is why we are convinced that we can help other investors with our knowledge and expertise. Are you just starting out with investing, and do you want to learn how to apply this approach? Or do you already have experience, but do you enjoy seeing new examples and sparring with experts? With our online coaching platform, we help everyone one step further with investing.

There is a wide range of information on the internet. From ‘golden tips’ to online seminars and from handy apps to countless texts from experts. It is a challenge to keep an overview. It is difficult for investors to create their own approach.

We have combined our knowledge and expertise into one unique package: ‘Invest Now Coaching Program’. This program is intended for investors who are looking for their own approach to realize a stable return. We believe it is important that starting investors learn to invest with limited risk. But we also have a lot to offer to more experienced investors, because we share our current market and stock market knowledge extensively with our members on a weekly basis. Learn how to invest successfully in a safe way!


The goal of this defensive strategy is to find a structural answer to the question: how to ensure stable return in uncertain times. It is essential that investors understand how a strategy works so that it can be followed with confidence and discipline. After a year coaching you can manage your portfolio the right way.


  • Access to multiple unique real time portfolios
  • Two day introduction course
  • Two private coaching sessions
  • Monthly videos with current stock and market updates
  • Weekly updates via WhatsApp (if desired)
  • Access to all online training courses (in Dutch, worth €1,285)
  • Access an exclusive network of like-minded people via the member forum
  • Access to unique content especially for our members
  • Exclusive access to annual trade fair event with various top speakers from the financial world
  • Unlimited possibility to ask questions

For Whom

Do you have the motivation to structurally invest with a responsible strategy, then we are happy to expand your knowledge and experience.

  • 0 Experiences
  • Theory  experience but no practice
  • Years of experience and plan to build up systematic strategy


€2,995  EXC . VAT


Real time portfolios

By participating in our coaching program, you will gain insight into several real time sample portfolios of Euro100k from our top investment expert Andre Brouwers. He will open and share his real time portfolios. This is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the right strategy. Of course, you decide whether you also participate in certain positions. Knowledge is power, so take advantage of this!

Two-day introduction course

The program starts with a two-day introduction course. It’s an overall starting point, you will get all important knowledge, information and mind-set to start with.

Monthly market video updates

In the monthly video, our coach Andre Brouwers discusses the current stock market updates.  The main movements on the stock market are discussed including the impact on current prices and positions. During these videos, he shares his screen so you can see how his own positions are doing. He takes a closer look at the major indices and movements of the past month. He also indicates what he will or will not do himself. You just watch, listen and to be aware of what’s going on in investment land every month.

Online quarterly meeting

Each quarter, we have a group meeting with the whole class and the coach Andre Brouwers.  Important knowledge and market movements are shared during the meeting.  Theory is explained based on concrete practical examples and exercises are performed. We discuss interesting topics and answer questions from you. You can meet your peers and build up network.

Two private coaching sessions

You get an exclusive chance for face-to-face private sessions with Andre Brouwers. You can ask any questions and learn from one the most experienced investors in the Netherlands during the one-year program.


We believe it is important that our members are kept informed of our positions. We share this monthly via videos, but when the right time has come for us to buy or sell, our readers also receive an email or WhatsApp message (if desired). This makes it possible for our members to monitor our positions closely. In short, we keep you completely up to date!

BI Event (according to the Covid rules might vary)

We also organize a special Investment Institute Event at De Beurs every year. For this we invite various speakers from the financial world. Expect to be stimulated and inspired by the top experts from the financial sector during this event.

André Brouwers

A Dutch investment authority, regularly featuring in Dutch financial media. He worked for Reuters, van der Moolen and was one of the first TransTrend employees. He is director and owner of the largest independent training institute (Beleggingsinstituut) for investors. In particular, the institute provides private investors with education, information and coaching. André has 35 years of international experience as an investor, stock trader and hedge fund manager. He has his own alternative investment fund in which investors can participate from €100,000. His trading philosophy is based on realizing steady absolute returns with highly effective risk management. André was recently chosen by a public jury of 15,000 investors as the best investment expert in the Netherlands. He is a five-time winner of the largest national investors debate and is known for RTLZ and DFT. He achieved impressive results with his investment method, even in the crisis years, which he has already taught to move than 25,000 investors. During the presentation, he gives a number of concrete investment tips and explains the HOW and WHY of his approach.