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Real Estate Fund

Low bank interest and a decreasing risk-free rate ,Investment real estate tax increases from 2% to 8% in the Netherlands ,The Netherlands real estate market has remained resilientHigh demand for real estate projects in the Netherlands and limited finance available for buy-to-let.

Why Us

We Offer short to medium term bridge finance solutions to professional real estate investors (borrowers).

We exclusively provide finance for the acquisition of buy-to-let properties in The Netherlands. Borrowers have time to apply for a mortgage.

We secure our loans with a solid due diligence process, a first mortgage and a personal guarantee from the borrowers.

How You Benefit

Expected return: 5% to 7% per annum

Risk Profile: low

Return: medium

Investment Procedure

Investing in this fund is suitable for qualified investors:

  1. With considerable experience in investing
  2. With a significant asset portfoilo.
  3. Who do not immediately require income from the investment and can afford the risk.
  4. You are aware that the fund is illiquid of their investment in the fund.


Why this Fund?

We set out to provide investors with a simple, secured (Low Risk) investment option with reasonable returns. We have achieved this.  

So, if you are an investor seeking a reasonable yield and diversification of your portfolio without being exposed to significant risks, then this fund is for you. 

We provide loans with strong securities from lenders and return with expected 5%-7% per annual.  

Why should I invest into your fund? Why don’t I just provide loans directly to lenders?

Generally, owning property or lending money against property requires active management to extract proper value from the investment over the long term.  We manage the investment on your behalf, which means that you simply invest and earn the interest and fees charged for each loan.


We are a high experienced team of professionals and have the know-how and ability to make sure that your money is at work as often as possible.  


We also have an administrative and commercial backbone that allows us to tap into and manage more deals than any individual lender could.


Investing in the fund provides diversification of a portfolio of loans.  Whereas most individual lenders can only support one or two loans.  This means your risk is concentrated in one or two loans, and therefore your default risk is significantly higher than investing in a portfolio of loans.


How secure is my capital?
  1. All projects are buy to letd real estate projects and we secure a mortgage over each property and receive a personal surety from the borrowborrower, , which mean we are able to sell the property and any assets of the borrower to recover the amount lent., our risk exposure is limited to basically renovation cost
  2. We thoroughly analyzecheck borrowers’ financial situation, considering their income, source of income, cash flows and liquidity, their assets, and liabilitiesi.e. (in the case of a juristic entity we would look at the profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cashflow statement and in addition require the Ultimate Beneficial Owner of the entity to provide surety, and similarly conduct a due diligence of that person.
  3. The due diligence process is a three-step process (a) first the borrower is screened by our mortgage team, and (b) the borrower is screened by our bridge loan team (c) the fund manager and investment advisory board will deliberate on whether to advance the funds.  Additionally, on a regular basis, an investment board comprised of the
  4. We value the property and limit the size of the loan, loan to value (LTV) And we give max 75% of the actual total value of the property.  This means that the borrower must provide their own equity , of 25% of the value of the property.