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We provide diversified investment opportunities and education for European and Chinese institutional and individual investors. 

Important: Please note we will never make unsolicited contacts to you to ask you to invest, or to share your personal information. We never make guarantees of returns or promises of returns.

Trustworthy, Dedication and Responsibility are in Our DNA

We Aim at Becoming your long term Partners in your journey of wealth management.

The Netherlands has a sophisticated economic foundation. The transparent business and financial environment have attracted more and more international business owners and private investors.

Facing many choices of investment options on the market, have trustworthy, like-minded, and comprehensive service providers is becoming more important.

Our core team has years of background of international ex-pats and business owners, together With local recognized and experienced investment advisors.

We offer you Systematic Wealth Management Education Investment relative Services and hands-free Investment Products.

Together with Our Partners, we Provide the Following Services 


Direct Conversation with Investment Advisor and like-minded people at our systematic workshops.


Our advisors have more than 20 years of experience, with a high success rate. Benefit from the standard price and dedicated team.


Before Manage your wealth, we manage the investment risk. Bridge loans fund with strong securities from lenders.


Our financial options have years of track record and mixed options for you to choose from. 

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Gain Insight Into Financial Investment Solutions In The Netherlands

More and more wealth of companies and individuals is under pressure due to negative interest rates and fear of inflation, Lots of people seek for the long-tern financial growth solution.


Speaker: Kylla and JLL
No.Audience: 10-15 guests
Entrance Fee: Invite Only
Language: English

Overall, The House Price Boom In Holland Is Going Strong, With Rising Demand And Supply Shortages.

The Trend Thanks to the structural shortfall in supply – >350,000 homes in 2021 crisis situation. together with with owner occupied homes bought last February (2020) valued 10.4% higher. The housing market remains resilient in an economic recession(Unofficial figures in April and May (2020) indicate )

Covid Impacts from the Real Estate Sectors

The global upheaval ushered in by the Covid-19 pandemic is causing severe stress in many industries and economic sectors, but real estate continues to attract new investors thanks to its broadly favorable long-term prospects relative to other investment asset classes.

This is also true of the Netherlands. Even in this time of crisis, Dutch house prices are still rising: driven by low-interest rates a major housing shortage….

Meet Our Team

Our Team is made up of globally experienced financial services professionals. we know what is your concerns and what do you up to.

Xue Zeng

Xue Zeng

Managing Director

Zeng Xue has been widely recognized for her entrepreneurial, management and interpersonal skills.  She is the founder of Connect Now  club, the chairman of the Sichuan Chongqing Chamber of Commerce and managing director of connect now investment partners. She used to work at European chamber of commerce ( southwest China)and Huawei Technologies.she also founded an Education school with 1200+ students. she believes in people is the core.

Anton van der Graaf

Anton van der Graaf

Investment Advisor & Fund Manager

Anton holds an MSc in financial management from Business University Nyenrode, The Netherlands. His track record includes working as a sales director for Robeco Alternative Investments, in Switzerland, and managing structured products for MeesPierson Private clients. Subsequently, he developed a Dutch Desk for UHNWI clients of BNP Paribas in Geneva, Switzerland, and he repeated the trick with BNP Paribas Amsterdam to develop the UHNWI International Desk.

Wen Liu

Wen Liu

Managing Director

Wen Liu is the co-founder of Connect Now Investment Partner B.V. and she is a financial expert who holds a Master degree in Finance and Accounting from Rotterdam Business School, The Netherlands.  After  and more than 10 years of professional corporate treasury working experience. Now she decided to take up a new challenge with a group of enthusiastic partners. She is devoted to connecting and empowering great entrepreneurs and business resources.

Dick van Druten

Dick van Druten

Investment advisor

Dick has led investments in, and served as a director, of numerous companies and clients, and is a specialist in structuring cross-border corporate transactions. Dick studied commercial economics at the University of Professional Education in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, and is the former chairman of the Dutch Corporate Finance Association.

André Brouwers

André Brouwers

Investment Advisor & Fund Manager

Andre is a Dutch investment authority, regularly featuring in Dutch financial media,Worked for Reuters, Van der Moolen and was one of the first TransTrend employees,Educated thousands of private investors on financial markets via The Investment Institute (“Beleggingsinstituut”) His trading philosophy is based on realizing steady absolute returns with highly effective risk management. Laid the foundation for Brouwers Capital in 2015, which is operational since 2018.

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